Bolton PTA has partnered with Apex Leadership Co to run a Walk-a-Thon at the school in the fall. This event is our primary fundraiser for the fall semester. The Apex program kicks off with a Pep Rally and concludes two weeks later with the Walk-a-thon, held outdoors when possible. During the two week program, leaders from Apex provide daily sessions on fitness and good character. 

How does the Apex Program Work?
  • With parents’ help, students are challenged to get pledges for the laps they complete at our Walk-a-Thon.

  • All pledges and payments are encouraged to be made online, but checks can be sent into the main office, if preferred.

  • Sponsors can pledge a $ amount per lap or any flat donation amount for students. 

  • Students will walk for 30 minutes and will average 26-36 laps around the Apex loop. 

  • The maximum laps counted is 36 and each lap is 1/16th of a mile. We’re raising funds for STEAM programs such as the BCS Robotics Club, Author Visits, Classroom Libraries, Science Museum Visits and more... 

All Students Included

​All students will receive Apex wrist bands, an Apex t-shirt/lap-counter, and team awards, and will be included in all activities connected with the Walk-a-thon, regardless of fundraising. 

Why is the PTA Using an Outside Provider for this Event?

​Holding an event like this Walk-a-Thon takes many hours of work by many people and we just don’t have enough hands to get it done without outside help. 


The Walk-a-Thon has become the #1 fundraiser for the PTA since its first year in 2018, and the money raised has gone to important purposes in the school. 

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