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How to help



The PTA needs volunteers to help out at activities throughout the year. Would you like to help out at events? How about behind the scenes, helping to plan an event or to work with a group to get something done for the PTA? Would you like to have more say in what the PTA does? Then fill an opening on our Board! Come to a meeting or reach out to one of us to find out what we need.  

Become a Member

Membership is the easiest way to start getting involved. Your membership dues mostly go to our parent organization, Connecticut PTA, which helps our school's group in lots of little ways. We use Membership Toolkit to manage our dues and provide access to our Parent Directory. Purchase your membership here.

Volunteers at the Throwback Prom!

We hold several events each year and we need people to help plan and run each one. We also need people to attend! Help us out in either or both ways, and also by encouraging your friends and neighbors to help or attend!


We participate in several no-cost fundraising opportunities. The most high-profile of these is Box Tops for Education. Find out what else you can do without paying anything extra!

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