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This informational newsletter goes out four times throughout the school year. It is to inform parents of the happenings that are taking place at your child’s school. The youngest sibling of families receives a hardcopy of this newsletter as well as it gets posted on the PTA website for viewing. Articles are always welcome and can be sent to Kclark811@comcast.net at any time. Deadlines for the issues will be as follows for this school year Fri. Sept. 28th for the first issue to be distributed in Oct., Fri. Nov. 30 for the 2nd issue to be distributed in Dec., Fri. Feb. 21 for the 3rd issue to be distributed in March and Fri May 16th for the last issue to be distributed in June. All issues are intended to distributed within the first week of the month stated. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me.