PTA Minutes – Oct 2, 2017 PTA General Meeting

  • Administration
  • Jessica Szafran, Darryl Giard, Sarah Malinoski – balanced literacy
        1. Whole group – teacher directed with teacher chosen text
        2. Small group (guided reading, literature circles and book clubs)- each group has a shared experience based on skills, strategies, and/or interests.
        3. Personalized – independent reading, students access information based on individual skills and interests around a common topic or theme – the materials that we need for this are classroom libraries.  We need to get these books onto the shelves – The Walk a thon funds will go towards developing these libraries.  Please encourage all to participate in this fundraiser
    1. Darryl Giard
        1. Very successful Start to the school year.
        2. New scheduling tool – Powerschool
        3. PBIS assemblies
    1. Middle School – had Looking in Theatre
    2. Elementary School – Staff dance
        1. Open Houses were very well attended
        2. Had bus safety
        3. Sports are underway
        4. Encourage students every day at lunch waves to participate in the Walk-a-thon.
    1. Board of Education

    III.               Reports of Standing Committees .             Walk-a-thon – October 19th

        1. We have raised over $3000 so far.  119 students have registered and we need your help to get kids registered.  The more kids that register the more money we will receive.  All kids will participate in the walk a thon.
        2. Parents/friends can all come and participate to walk with their students.  There will be a registration table on the day of the event.
    1. Enrichment
        1. Career Day – Chris Davey – 2nd Friday in May

    In November we will have a planning meeting if you are interested in helping please contact Chris Davey

        1. 2nd Grade will have the Boston Science Museum traveling Museum coming next month
    1. Fundraising
        1. Dairy Queen Fundraiser – November 15th 10% of profits will go to our school. 6-8pm.
        2. Square One Art will be completed and sent home for orders next week
        3. No Cost Ways to Support the PTA flyers went home
    1. Budget
        1. See handout
    1. New Business

    .             New Policy Update – No Latex on school property

    1. Playground – need woodchips we are waiting to hear back on some quotes
        1. Cristina Tiu puts to a vote that we purchase new woodchips Jan Carlow seconds that motion.  The motion passes.
    1. Wendy Pagani wanted to thank the PTA for the new shades out on the playground.
    2. Chris Davey asked about a candidate forum hosted by the PTA – we have done this in the past and it was not well attended.
    3. Next PTA Meeting – December 4th the guest speaker will be Stephanie Knecht – Lice Clinics of America – Educate and dispel the myths of lice.
    4. Meeting adjourned 7:08 pm