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Welcome to Exceptional Lives. Our goal is to provide helpful services to you and your exceptional family. Raising children is always complicated, and can be even more so when your child has disabilities. We are parents of children with disabilities, and professionals in this field. We understand the stress and frustration often involved in helping children, including adult children, get the services and support they need. To assist you and other families in this situation, we created Exceptional Lives.

At Exceptional Lives you will find Guides designed to walk you through challenging processes. For example, our Guides can help you figure out how to set your child up with a good IEP, apply for SSI,navigate guardianship, or make the most of your health insurance coverage. Whether you have a new diagnosis or are an expert in your child’s situation, we want to meet you where you are. We can help you move toward greater peace of mind, organization, and knowledge.

Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center, Inc.

Who We Are:

Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center, Inc. (CPAC) is a statewide nonprofit organization that offers information and support to families of children with any disability or chronic illness, age birth to 26. Staffed primarily by parents of children with disabilities, we understand special education law in both theory and practice and offer a unique perspective that combines both empathy and insight.

Services We Provide:

  • individual telephone consultation
  • workshops held in local communities for parents on topics related to special education
  • in-service presentations for school personnel, teachers-in-training and service providers
  • an e-newsletter for parents and professionals
  • a website containing materials and information on upcoming events, education issues and local parent support groups
  • a multimedia lending library
  • an online resource directory, Connecting Connecticut

All of CPAC’s Services are FREE for Families

For timely, helpful information related to Special Education in CT,

please view these resources:

CPAC 338 Main Street Niantic, CT    * 1-800-445-2722  *

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Places to Visit
Museums – Did you know that there are over 700 museums in Connecticut? Did you know that there is a website that gives you reviews of Connecticut Museums, reviews that include information about suitability for children and special needs children. Connecticut Museum Quest, created by Stephen Wood, the father of a son with a genetic anomaly called Smith-Magenis Syndrome, this website is the best resource for parents looking to spend a day at the museum with their children.
Sensory Friendly Morning: 
8 a.m. Lights in the aquarium will be lowered, and music and other sounds will be turned down or off. The aquarium also will show specifically selected IMAX movies with lower volume and the theater lights will be less dim. Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk
Stepping Stones Museum
The Stepping Stones Museum in Norwalk CT frequently has special needs days with activities designed for your child.
Mathews Park, 303 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850
203 899 0606
Easy to get to! Exit 14 N or 15 S off I-95
Open Daily, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Upcoming Events:
January 28, 2018 & March 27, 2018
Sensory Friendly Day at the Connecticut Science Center

CT Parent Advocacy Center.  Special Education in CT!

Who we are- SEPTA – Is a PTA within a school district.

SEPTA – brings together people who are interested in special education and children with special needs.

SEPTA– supports, strengthens and promotes the welfare of children with special needs.

SEPTA – promotes the understanding of special education and strives to enrich the lives of children with special needs.


To ensure that all children receive an education that allows them to reach their full potential.

To bring together parents , families and teachers of children with special needs to share their experiences.

To educate parents about special education, including the identification and placement procedures for children with special needs.

To inform legislators, school boards, and the community about the importance of special education programs.

To improve the lives of children by providing cultural, social and physical enrichment.

To advocate for children with special needs and their right to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment.


Anyone that has an interest in the welfare of children with special needs? Parents, families, teachers, school administrators, students, friends. Membership is open to all.




Please feel free to contact me
Jan Carlow – Bolton SEPTA Chairperson
At or 339-203-5519

I truly wish for everyone to feel welcome, we strive for a supportive format where everyone has a voice and we want to hear what you have to say!

Hope to see you at our meetings!